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After we came away from the Fancy Dress and Cabaret [livejournal.com profile] dalg  suggested that we go to the Media room and see the new shows from the US (Someone had got a recording from either one of the Scifi channels or one of the US channels). There were two episodes of Heroes and one of Dollhouse.

I enjoyed Heroes, in which one of the hero characters was actually killed (albeit in a rather sanitary US TV sort of way. I didn't realise that she was dead until one of the other characters bemoaned the fact). But both episodes suffered from the standard problem which I have with Heroes. Very little actually happens in each episode and frequently it is very similar to the previous episode or even season. In fact so much of the two episodes were like those of season one that I thought that they had hit the reset button on the series and started again. Also there is the standard problem of the wetness of some of the characters as well as they appear to be the only oppressed minority in the entire world AND it's all a great secret that no one can ever find out about. I also noticed an unnerving tendency for the superheroes to lose their powers at the most inconvenient of moments, like when 10 guys are standing in front of them with guns in their hands.

After those two episodes they showed the opening season episode of Dollhouse which I loved. Kept me riveted to my seat in the media room. It also left me with a nasty aftertaste as it paralleled some stories I had read about the ability of government or big corporations (it’s not made clear which) to convert, heart and soul, people into tools for their bidding.

It’s basically another Joss Wheldon extravaganza well worth the time to watch when it finally hits this country.

This took me to 1:00am and by the time I had got back to my room and done a bit of surfing the web the Disco downstairs had actually finished. Although it was difficult for me to tell through my drunken haze. More to come tomorrow!

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