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Excellent day. Had a good breakfast in the hotel (Large quantities of dead pig, very tasty!) and sat in the lounge drink tea and blogging yesterdays blog. Was pouring myself another cup of tea when this guy spoke to to ask which of the pots was tea and which was coffee. When I answered he said "like the accent, can you tell where mine was from?". To cut a long story short, he was from Dundee but worked in London and was taking a year out (cause he never had one at university in his day) and just doing the things hes always wanted to do. Like come to a SF con! I should point out that this is someone who I reckon is about 50. Taking a year out is now my ambition for when I am 50. Which unfortunately is not too far in the future.

Bob (for that was his name) had never meet someone who had a blog and he was the source of the interruption in yesterdays blog. He wanted me to tell him what it was all about and what I was doing and were did I get the machine and how much it cost. It was easier to stop blogging and explain it all. Anyhoo, we kept bumping into Bob for the rest of the day. Not sure if he was just here on a day ticket or he is here today (Day 4 of Redemption when I am bogging this) he's a nice guy but a con virgin so needs a lot of help. Decided it was best to share that out across the con rather than providing it all myself.

Went with Bob to the first program item which was Christine doing "Forensic Science in fact and Fiction" which as a lecturer is what she does in real life. Very interesting and entertaining indeed!

I wandered around a bit after that, peeking in on the Guest of Honour (Paul Cornell) interview in the main hall and ending up at the next program item "Life Support Systems" with www.beeblebear.net/ which was equally interesting as Christines presentation.

Had bit of a blank after that before going to the "How to send your scripts to the BBC" panel. I missed the beginning and throughout the speaker kept saying "Oh you can get that bit of information on the website as well". However, he may have mentioned the website address at the beginning but he never mentioned it while I was there. I was, as usual, too shy and retiring to ask again at the end, as I thought that this would show me us as a numpty who had managed to miss the start of the panel. Still I though it was very interesting. Gave me some ideas as well.

After that we met up and went down to the Zocalo where I bought a few of Christine's and Michael's Banoffee pie and some flapjacks for midnight snacks. [livejournal.com profile] dalg demonstrated the suction power of banana cream and managed to pull his partial plate right out of his mouth. He had to wrap it up in a napkin and talk back to his room for washing. Ugh!.

We had some preparation for "How to find Uranus" at 6pm, but they had rescheduled an earlier item into our room which finished right when we wanted to start (Look on Flickr for the room announcement picture). We rushed around trying to stick up the planets of the Solar System on a Ceiling which was resolutely noy going to hold the whitetack. We then had a hilarous hour or so with a few people (I don't feel that they gave enough detail in the program as to what we were going to do) running around trying to get the probes to the correct planets. It was great fun and fairly exhusting.

I went along to the Cabaret with Michael, Christine and [livejournal.com profile] dalg  and that was pretty damn entertaining. There are pictures on Flickr of some of the entries. It would be bit too complex to try and describe them here.

Date: 2009-02-22 09:21 am (UTC)
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If you get interupted again you can always tell the rest of Gssssfs on Tuesday!


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