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Yesterday was the actual first day of the convention. Didn't manage to get to any of the panels in the morning as I was either helping [livejournal.com profile] dalg in setting up the Satellite 2 table or running around trying to help people (I really must stop doing that). We found the Oxfam shop in central Coventry which had the best SF section I have seen outside of the Oxfam in Morningside, Edinburgh (which is another snippet I really should post) and although that doesn't sound to much like a complement I should point out that I thought that Oxfam in Morningside was better laid out than Watersons and better stocked than Borders (at least with SF). So we asked the Oxfam manager if he was interested in SF and if he knew that there was a SF Multimedia con on in a hotel 100 odd paces away from his shop. He was very interested. He suggested an exchange of Oxfam flyers with Redemption flyers. So I went and got some Redemption flyers from the con reception desk who also said that there was already someone selling books for Oxfam. Went up and spoke to him and although he was selling books for the con charities, he wasn't willing to even have the Oxfam fliers on his tables! I was a bit surprised.

Still, told this  story to Christine and Micheal and they were perfectly happy to have the flyers on their table for Satellite 2 Huzza!!

Went to the Opening ceremony which was good. Well organized, coherent and fun. I then went to "The mythology of the Dalek-Gallifrey time war" which at the begining was divided between those who treated it as a pure thought experiment and those who thought that it should just remain as Myth to support the backstory in the series. But as it progressed it slowly moved towards those who had carefully thought through the details and could quote chapter and verse from the series to support their pet theory why it MUST have happened this way, no doubt about it. More than a little scary.

Had a wee interrupt earlier and now have a chance to complete the entry for yesterday. After the time war panel me and [livejournal.com profile] dalg went to the "Could time travel one day be possible". The answer it appears is yes... according to current day understanding of Physics. It was interesting as we wandered back and forwards between real physics of possible time travel (it has been described as an engineering problem) and time travel anecdotes from audience members favorite stories. Eventually the panel (who were mostly real astrophysicists and physicists) went through each panelists favorite time travel story or film with recommendations for "Back to the future" being the only one I can remember at this moment.

Finally I stayed for the "Monsters v Aliens: Whats the difference?" panel which [livejournal.com profile] dalg wimped out of and went to bed. This was an interesting panel which started out as a sort of fight between Star Trek and Dr Who (with Star Trek having Aliens and Dr Who having Monsters) and came down to a sort of agreement that Monsters were things you either couldn't communicate with or had an agenda which they would not compromise on (and therefore you had to destroy) and Aliens were things you could communicate with and had some kind of culture that the audience could relate to (and therefore you could work with). People found a number of contradictions with this and a number of series which also contradicted or changed monster/alien status half way through (AVP being an example, the Borg another, etc.).

Then I gave up and went to bed. Which was not a lot of fun as The Friday night Ceilidh was in full swing in the Main Hall which was one floor below me. [livejournal.com profile] dalg  said that it was fairly loud on the 7th floor, so you an imagine what I was like for me. I could actually hear something (it was either the plumbing in the bathroom or the light fittings in the room) rattling when they hit the extra loud notes.

I lay a while and listened to a talking book on my iPod with the volume  turned up until I could not keep my eyes open. When I woke an hour or two later thankfully the Ceilidh was finished. I suppose that it was well advertised in the program and I knew I was on the 3rd floor when I checked in so I should have known better. Still, I have the Cabaret and Disco in the main hall tonight until 2am to listen to.  ;-)


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