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I forgot to mention in my last port. We went down for the greeting meal (which was very good) and grabbed the first table we could see. It had a first timer to conventions already sitting at it and we said hello. Then the convention Guest of honour, Paul Cornell, joined us at the table and kept us entertained with Dr Who script stories and discussions on the merits of Captain Britain comics (which he now writes) throughout the meal... Which was nice.

There was a long and interesting discussion on the current crop of SF American TV series currently on over here and also what the Brits are showing in return. Strong support for "Being Human" and a great deal of support for BSG (I've been told everyone will know that means BattleStar Gallactica) which I didn't think too much of, as you had to suspend belief too much in each episode to allow the characters to function as real human beings.

I just felt that in real life, the first time they came up against a problem then the entire crew would go to pieces agonising over their personal hangups and worried about who hadn't screwed who that week, and whether anyone would notice the extraordinary number of enemy Cylon spies were in the command crew. I felt that if you couldn't believe in the ability of the characters to be meaningful members of a military crew then the rest of the special effects were not going to keep it going.

The stories I watched were interesting, just the people were so irritating. Most of the stories revolved around a command given to Starbuck, Starbuck ignores/dismisses/contradicts order (delete where applicable) and goes and does her own thing, commanding office realises the error of his ways and everything goes on as always, type formula. Not good in my opinion, just dramatic.

Please feel free to supply your own opinion.
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