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So, we have gone down to Coventry to take part in the Redemption Multimedia conference. Wendy and I were up north in Fraserburgh for the first part of the week and drove down on Wednesday back to Glasgow and then flew down to Birmingham on the Thursday. So a busy week so far. We were gouged by wonderful FlyBe because we hadn't checked in our luggage online and it cost us £30 for 1 bag!

We wanted to get the bus to Coventry and were directed to stance K. This showed the 900 bus to Coventry arriving in 4 minutes. Great we thought, and waited. I suddenly noticed that the next stance (J) also had the bus number 900. Hmmmm, I thought. Why is there two stances which have the 900 bus. At that moment the 900 arrived at the next stance. So I went and asked if it went to Coventry.
"Naww, Stuuunce K, mate, Stance K" he said and he pointed to the stance next door as if I was an idiot who didn't speak English (like him). 

We waited, and waited, watching three or four 900 buses all going to Birmingham stopping at stance J while the electronic display at our stance clicked down twice to 900's going to Coventry which didn't turn yup.

Finally, the 900 bus to Coventry arrived and we boarded. It was a standard bus with hardly any space for luggage, and as it was the one bus going through the airport to Coventry this now made perfect sense.


We got to the bus station in Coventry 39 minutes later (which was marked on all the timetables and maps at the airport as Pool Meadow Bus Station, so tough if you didn't know that this was Coventry Bus station. It must be such fun for people who haven't done much research and expect to find sensible bus numbers and electronic timetable displays which are accurate, and maps which actually supply reasonable information, like me for instance) and the hotel 4 minutes later.
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